Friday, July 20, 2012

Five Days of the Week

Past Week
Last week  was a lot of studying and catching up from the weekend! On Thursday we visited a center for at risk youth. It was mostly younger kids, and we had music time with them, snack time and played with them. The kids are either orphans, have financial struggle, or trouble at home. Basically any problem a child could possibly have, this youth center will take them in! The Director of it is such a nice man and I can see why he does what he does everyday. I'm going to go visit the kids a few more times before I leave, hopefully once a week. I loved being with kids who are so full of life and love being around you. Impossible to not go back..


Adorable little girl we became friends with!

Love them
Visited my two friends who are interning at a juice shop close to the Medina...YUMMY!
Backyard at the school I'm attending! Sweet shot if I must say so myself...

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